Hi! I am David Miller, and this is my story.

It seems a little unfair that that one is supposed to know what to do with the rest of their lives when they are in school. Coming from a working-class family with no formal qualifications, I had no blueprint to follow in regards to becoming anything other than an everyday 9/5 worker.

After completing High School I landed myself a job at Godfrey’s selling vacuum cleaners. 3 months later I was promoted to store manager and stayed in that position for the next 2 years.

I hated that job and looking back I was amazed I stayed there so long. But at the time I was trained to think a job is a job and I should be grateful to have one.

Then one day after too many beers and watching ‘Stripes’ on TV with a mate, we decided to join the Army. I was a very active sportsman in my younger years and the thought of running around the jungle like Tarzan had real appeal to me.

I really loved my time in the Army. The comradeship and working together as a team is something that came naturally to me. And to this day I still possess these same values. It is most likely why I find the SFM concept so appealing.

But unfortunately, I developed chronic shin splints that prevented me from remaining in the Infantry so I was transferred to Transport Platoon and became a truck driver.

All of a sudden I was in the situation of hating my job again. I did not join the Army to be a driver! So as soon as my contract expired I was out, back into the real world.

Once out, a family friend was looking for somebody to pack nuts into tubs over the Christmas season. I decided to help out for a few weeks because I had no idea what I wanted to do now! 

My Grandfather told me something very important when I was young, ‘ If  your job is to be a shoe shiner, aim to be the best shoe shiner in the world.’ I have never forgotten those wise words. So there I was, trying to be the best nut packer on earth. Don’t get me wrong, it was boring, but to keep myself occupied I tried to keep going faster and faster. I was like a machine!

My enthusiasm was noted and to cut a long story short they thought my talents were wasted packing nuts and I was offered a job as their Sales Representative with a company vehicle. I remained there for a further 2 years.

A little bit of ambition started to set and I went chasing more money. I was very fortunate to land a job with Melbourne’s Number 1 Radio station 3AW as an account executive selling advertising space. The money was great but it left me with a moral dilemma that I could never shake off. And I am glad that it didn’t. 

My job was to get the advertising dollar out of small businesses. The problem was desperate small businesses were spending money they really could not afford to lose on a campaign that I knew would not work for them because they did not have a large enough budget. But if I did not get that money, I would not have a job! It was a horrible situation to be in that made me sick to the core.

After closing another deal one day I should have been happy, but I was far from it. I felt morally bankrupt! 

I went home instead of the office and stared at a blank wall in silence for hours pondering what I should do. I wanted to leave, but I had a car loan and a mortgage to pay. I had a big decision to make.

The very next day I went into work handed my paperwork in and resigned effective immediately. 


Totally disillusioned with sales I had to find something else to do. but as a rising 30-year-old, I did not have too many choices.  You could have blown me over with a feather if you told me I would end up being a truck driver after leaving the Army, but that’s exactly what happened! I went out and purchased a truck and have been doing it ever since.

But with age in the transport industry, so too comes injuries.  Little niggles here and there at first. And then some that are not expected to go away without complete rest for months or even years. The work that I was doing was a young man’s game!

The transport industry had also changed a lot over the last decade and it was becoming a lot harder to remain profitable. I had an aging truck and was faced with a choice, purchase a new truck at 120K or sell and get out of the industry. I chose to get out!

So here I was again at a crossroads. I knew I did not want to do any hard selling again but let’s face it, when you are 50 it’s not exactly like the world is at your doorstep!

I started applying for jobs in a customer service role. But the job market has changed so much since I last looked for a job. It is all about internet job agencies and I never got a chance to present. I guess my CV just did not cut it being a truck driver for the last 20 years. I did not get 1 interview in a month. So I decided to apply for a truck driving job and was employed within 2 days.

It did not take me long to realize that working for wages was not going to get me anywhere. There was just no spare cash at the end of the week. My wife and I had been used to travel and racehorse ownership and the thought of those things been taken off the table terrified me. I had to figure something else out!


I tried doing UBER for a while but all I achieved doing this was total exhaustion!

So I kept looking for alternatives until one day I stumbled upon a video talking about affiliate marketing. I clicked on the ad and was taken in by what I saw. I just had to have a look at those free video’s to find out more. And boy was I blown away!

It never really occurred to me that there was a way to earn money whilst you sleep using automated systems. And that you don’t have to trade your time for money!

And this comes back to my working-class background. I had no mentors to show me the way to true success. I was only taught to work hard.

My initial concern was that I was not very computer literate. I thought to copy and paste was a paper mache instructional! That’s how far back I was coming from.

But all I knew is that something just had to change in my life so I applied for membership not knowing where SFM would take me.

I am so grateful to have found some mentors for the first time in my life. People that really care about ‘your’ dreams and aspirations and help light the path to get you there.

My goal is to keep building my online business to a point where it replaces my income so as my wife and I can travel around Australia.

That is my vision. I vision freedom.

What is your vision?

Hope to meet you on the other side.



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